320 Seed Sentence And Description

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Joyce Ofori

When asked to choose what country I would like to study in, I chose the U.S. and it has given me a better education.
I will explain how the decision the stay in the U.S. came about. I will compare my life in Ghana to that of life in the U.S. and explain how a better education has benefitted me.And I will try and explain the sacrifices that my family and I had had to make for me to get where I am.

Maricruz Orozco

"I used to think that distance and differences became barriers for a long lasting friendship but I realized that it only becomes a barrier if you let it be one."

The theme of of this sentence is my relationship with people like my friends. In every relationship there are ups and downs which people need to encounter. A long lasting friendship can be maintained if people really care about it and give time to their friendship. Obstacles in my friendships such as distance and fights have made me realize who are my real friends and that no matter what or who stands in the way, a friendship can be held for as long as a person wants. These obstacles actually make a friendship stronger. In this essay, I will include events that made me think what I thought before and events that make me think what I think now.

Joyce Mbiziwo-Tiapo

"Looking back, I realize my inability to be patient or develop close relationships can be attributed to my family’s inability to stay in one place."

I imagine this essay will contain my origins, my different moves, and the reason for the moves. It will also seek to explain the emotional turmoil experienced during the transition from one place to another, the major breakthroughs resulting from these experiences, and their contribution to who I am today. This essay, I feel, will not only reveal who I am as person but also what it’s like to be a minority in multiple places – for the different environments we find ourselves in and the ways we are received, sometimes have an impact on the way we choose to behave.

Gabrielle Preziose

When I saw my life going downhill, I realized it was time to better my education and leave behind my reckless friends.

The theme of this essay is change and the struggle I faced to save myself. I intend to explain my friends escalating drug use and how quickly it went from fun to scary. Also, how our friendship and trust diminished so fast. I will then move onto how their drug use began to effect my own education and family. I will go into detail on how I faced the constant battle in my mind of whether my love for them was worth the downfall and how I got the courage to leave them behind with no regrets.

Jason Han

Choosing to quit smoking helped me get away from a powerful addiction and saved money I would have otherwise wasted.

The integral themes of this personal essay are internal struggles and determination. The internal struggles I had in making the decision to quit dealt with weighing health benefits and withdrawal symptoms. Even today I still fight the lingering addiction and that's where the determination theme comes in: the determination to keep fighting the lingering addiction. The essay will be organized in both a chronological and a mimetic way. I will also elaborate on the two reasons why I quit smoking.

Estefani Legge-Lopez

When I get into an argument with my parents and wish they never existed, I remember all the efforts and sacrifices they have done for me and picture how hard my life would have been without them.

The theme of my personal essay is mainly based of my conception of family. Despite my constant arguments with my father, fights with my brother, disagreements with my sister, they are my only family and no matter what, they will always provide me with their support and love. When I wish my parents never existed I think how selfish a wish it is, when there are plenty of children that would give anything to have their parents with them. When I talk about parents, I mainly refer to my father for I don’t have a mother. And my dad is not what I have in mind of a typical dad, caring, spoiler, and protective.

Mustafa Ozturk

At one point, I saw that I had to work harder to succeed, so I changed my group of friends and my outlook on life.

This sentence is very important to me because it explains the reason why I am the person I am today. Just two years ago, my friends were rarely sober, burned out, but nevertheless fun, junkies. I always maintained a balance between my schoolwork and my interactions with those friends, but I ultimately chose education over them. Regardless of my lack of reasons why I made this choice, I know it is the right one. However, I often think about it and wish I had stayed with them instead. They are a critical part of who I am, and so is the choice I made to stop affiliating myself with them.

Michele Fong

When I had to choose between an unpaid internship, and a paid job,I chose the unpaid internship, not because it was more glamorous, but instead, because it would be a more enriching experience.

This decision was important to me because I have learned so much through my internship. Not only have I learned a lot, but it has definitely given me an advantage over others when applying for other jobs. Through interning on Mayor Bloomberg's campaign I have met intellectual and influential people as well as learn to work in a fast-paced, high pressure environment. During my internship I had many responsibilities, some of which included coordinating volunteers, planning events, and hosting events. The most interesting part of my internship was going to staff meetings and previewing commercials and discussing campaign strategies.

Daria Kim

After realizing that all of my body image issues came from my years as a gymnast, and the fact that I never planned on pursuing gymnastics, I was able to accept and be content with the way i looked.

I chose this theme for my essay because the issues i've had with my body over the past years are very personal to me. Although they are personal, I want to write about them because I consider this as part of the healing process. I will write about how my relationships were effected by my insecurities and how my personality in itself was overshadowed by my constant obsession with the way I looked. I will talk about how i realized where the insecurities were coming from and how I changed since then.

Mei Nga Wang

"He always told me that little girls will never grow up to be anything more than housewives. I will show him just how much more I can be."

I decided to use this seed sentence for my personal essay, because it's one of the most personal topics to me. I think I can be able to write an essay with emotion and clarity with this topic. I've always considered the fact that my being a woman was a big deal, especially from the patriarchal Chinese family that I come from. In the essay, I will talk about why I am the way I am today, and what I plan to do about the issues in the future. This essay is also a great way for me to portray the cultural background that I come from.

Nickolas D'Annunzio

All i’ve ever known was order. Helen left, and order became chaos.

I would have to explain who helen was, then i would move onto memories of how we did small things with her that showed us “order”. Then i would further explain how she left and how everything went chaotic and how my mother is unable to keep order and only creates more chaos. i would also have to compare to what was to what there is now.

After 9/5