320 Three Best

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Maricruz Orozco

1. I used to think that distance and constant fighting became a barrier for a long lasting friendship but I realized that it only becomes a barrier if you let it be one.

2. Once I was afraid to take risks; now I am fascinated by the suspense of the unknown consequences.

3. Once I was naive, now I am aware that not everyone wants to be my friend but rather my enemy.

Gabrielle Preziose

1. When I saw my life going downhill, I realized it was time to better my education and leave behind my reckless friends.

2. I helped raise my two younger brothers when my mom became widowed instead of taking the child role and having her care for me on top of them.

3. I almost followed my dream of working in New York City but decided to get an education before so I could have something to fall back on

Jason Han

Facing the question of what major to pick, I chose computer science instead of biology because I wanted to learn something I am not 100% familiar with.

Choosing to quit smoking helped me get away from a powerful addiction and saved money I would have otherwise wasted.

Once I was a person not interested in music; now I have a strong affinity for metal.

Joyce Ofori

Once I was a little girl who believed what everyone said; now I am a young woman who questions.

When asked to choose what country I would like to study in, I chose the U.S. and it has given me a better education.

I choose liberal arts instead of medicine because I want to be a well-rounded student.

Michele Fong

When I had to choose between an unpaid internship and a paid job I chose the unpaid the unpaid internship, not because it was more glamorous, but instead, because it would be a more enriching experience.

Once, I was naive, I believed everyone had good intentions; however I have since realized that the only person I can depend on is myself.

I always try to make healthy choices; therefore, when choosing between green tea and coffee, I choose green tea because it contains antioxidants.

Xander Edwards

When I was little I often dreamed of becoming a professional musician; however, as I grew older I found that I did not enjoy the pressure involved with that life. Consequently, this drove me to select a university that would help me pursue my academic dreams, rather than to become a musician.

When selecting colleges and universities to apply to, I chose those that had great diversity because the town I grew up in has almost zero diversity and I wanted to see a broader spectrum of the world.

Touring China for a month opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the world around me.

Joyce Mbiziwo-Tiapo

Looking back, I realize my inability to be patient or develop close relationships can be attributed to my family’s inability to stay in one place.

When presented with the option of an electric or acoustic guitar, I chose electric, because it was more versatile and matched my personality.

When I look back, I realize the choice to be studious was not a conscious decision, but rather one forced upon me.

Estefani Legge-Lopez

1) When I get into an argument with my parents and wish they never existed, I remember all the efforts and sacrifices they have done for me and picture how hard my life would have been without them.
2) I used to dread darkness, now I find it to be the best moment to reflect on things.
3) When having to choose between going back home (Guatemala) to get an education or stay in the US, I decided to stay because opportunities and options here are endless.

Daria Kim

After realizing that all of my body image issues came from my years as a gymnast, and the fact that I never planned on pursuing gymnastics, I was able to accept and be content with the way i looked.

After my uncle passed away, I saw how differently every member of my family dealt with the grief.

Often times even the slightest decisions you make in life can have an enormous impact on your overall life.

Matthew D'Ambrosi

Choosing between working hard to get the best out of myself or to slack off, I realized that slacking off was no way to live so i decided to work hard.

When I had to decide whether to join my brothers band or stay in the one I was already in, I chose my brothers because I knew I would have more fun and become a better musician with him.

Once i loved playing baseball more than anything; now playing music has replaced that love because i realized that i had more potential in music than in baseball.

Mei Nga Wang

1. Once I was a little girl who didn't know the definition of chilling; Now I'm an adult who learned how to let go.

2. He always told me that little girls will never grow up to be anything more than housewives. I will show him just how much more I can be.

3. Once I allowed myself to be controlled in order to be pleasing to others; Now I'm in charge.

Nickolas D'Annunzio

I use to think the people i hold closest to me couldn't and never would hurt me or do anything wrong, looking back i see they do the worst things and I just brushed it off as just as if nothing happened.

Im stuck in an old fashioned big family in a modern small family world

All i’ve ever known was order. Helen left, and order became chaos.

After 9/3

Mustafa Ozturk

Before I changed my style of music, I was a more stressed and uncomfortable person.

When presented with a choice between music and academics I chose academics.

I used to read a lot of books, but now I hardly have the time.