Adam Schiappa

Ten Seed Sentences

  1. It really boils down to this. Once, I was young-mentally and physically. Now, I am old. And that has made all the difference.
  2. It's simple- my parents tried their hardest to raise me with ethics. And time and time again, I've found myself turning to those same values.
  3. When I, grocery bags in hand, saw the door closing in the distance, I decided I could make it. Wrong idea, as it turned out.
  4. The door, sadly, was faster than I- making a five second transport chore a 10 minute recovery effort, especially the oranges, which made a spirited attempt at escape.
  5. It was then I saw my choice- walk away right now or stay and help this person fight their inner demons, the likes of which i couldn't begin to percieve. I mande my choice, and as it would turn out, I was quite good at demonslaying.
  6. Once I was lost, on a fundamental level, and I didn't even know it. Then I met her, and now she has shown me who I am.
  7. I realized I had a choice between leaving her to her own, or do everything I could to help her. In the end, there was no choice.
  8. It was, of course, only then that I realized the magnitude of my error- and by that point, my little brother and his roving band of miscreants had already launched the water balloons.
  9. For years, I had clung to the naive belief that my friends and I were invincible, "that nothing ever happens to 'us kids'". The cancer that attacked two friends and the near deaths of two more brought those beliefs crashing down like the walls of Jericho.
  10. When things were at their worst- one friend in the hospital, another recovering slowly, I had to turn to faith. Not religion, per se, but the belief that as I have reassured so many friends before and since, "things have always worked out in the end".