Anna Ku

Ten seed sentences

1. I was once young and optimistic and saw the world in various colors, now I am still young but is living in a monotonic one.
2. When I was still a child, school was a complete bore, now that I'm older, school is where I can fulfill my dreams.
3. I wanted a dog ever since I was eight, now that have one I learned that having one required tremendous commitment.
4. Not until I left my home did I realize the many wonderful aspects of it.
5. After quitting my part-time job that I had for several year I realized that I can no longer buy for pleasure and must learn to save my money.
6. When I was young my parents seemed so tall and powerful, now that I'm older they seem so fragile.
7. Once I was a procrastinator, now that I'm seventeen I enjoy been on top of my work.
8. Living never seemed so precious to me until the day I realize losing someone could be so painful.
9. Once I was a child and the world was so simple even though I knew little, now that I'm older the world is so complicated even though I know so much more than before.
10. When I was given an option to stay in the city or come to SUNY Binghamton, I chose to come here and I am currently adapting to my new environment.