Blue Group

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Reza Hedayati : ude.notmahgnib|1ayadehr#ude.notmahgnib|1ayadehr : (347)694-0830
Gene Demaio : ude.notmahgnib|2oiamedg#ude.notmahgnib|2oiamedg : (646)465-0361
Anna (Wing) Ku : ude.notmahgnib|1ukw#ude.notmahgnib|1ukw : (917)519-8055

Chapter 16
Carolyn Forney - Are We Losing Our Edge?
Reza Hedayati - The Decline and Fall of Declinism
Gene Demaio - The World is Flat
Anna Ku - A Fire in the Basement

Group presentation - A Fire in the Basement
Individual Essay :
Anna Ku - Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious
Carolyn Forney- Watching TV Makes You Smarter
Reza Hedayati - Me Against the Media: From the Trenches of a Media Lit Class
Gene DeMaio - Reality Television: Oxymoron

Presentation Roles

1. intro, paraphrase of authors own claim, claim of our rhetorical analysis, conclusion?
2. explain the context of the text (new york times), the background of the author and the audience
3. present all the rhetorical strategies in the work and How he uses them, using evidence to support each
4. explain Why the author uses these specific strategies to present his issue to the audience, conclusion?