Brian Clayton

Ten Seed Sentences

My early history is marked with an obedience to the teachings of traditional Christian beliefs. The day I began exploring spiritualism on my own terms, I began to blossom as an individual thinker.

I see ahead the most critical example of the "sink or swim" scenario that I have yet to encounter. Upon arriving on campus, I understood that the training wheels were removed.

Looking back, having a unique group of friends a couple towns over from my hometown was one of the best things for me. A friendly community completely isolated from my typical environment was a great escape.

Once, I loved being an only child because I didn't have to share my toys with any siblings. Now, however, my situation is far less advantageous - I find myself with nobody to detract my parents' attention away from me.

When you meet that special someone with whom you can laugh, sympathize, spend countless hours, and accept completely for the content of her soul, marry her. Just don't meet her when you're fourteen years old.

Looking back at my mom's diagnosis of breast cancer, I realize now that it would have been wise of me to openly embrace the complex new set of challenges rather than to get hung up trying to understand the scenario. Don't understand - experience.

I've learned from my continual efforts to play guitar that regardless of the genre a particular musician gravitates to, their love for music is boundless. Playing music is truly a labor of love.

Ahead of me, I see incredible opportunities for new friendships, social drama, discovery of identity; lessons in diversity, love, heartbreak, mistakes, miracles, tragedy. This campus holds potential for great successes, shattering defeat, and everything in between. I only hope to experience all of it.

When writing, taking a picture, shooting a film, or any other action that physically captures a moment in time, don't seek perfection. This is wrong. Rather, it is your responsibility to create authenticity.

The Beatles were right: We all live in a yellow submarine.