Camille Adolphe

10 Seed Sentences

1. Throughout most of my young life I didn’t understand why my mom never joined a church, didn’t take us to church every Sunday, or why we rarely paid tithes or monetary offerings like everyone else “at church”. But now her motives are clear to me. My mom wants to provoke individual thought within us; she wants my siblings and I to develop a personally faithful relationship with God, not the corrupt church.

2. Once I saw that fork in the road, I took the illuminating path that was less traveled and did three things:
A. I killed a “romantic” relationship that was both claustrophobic and depressing.
B. Transcended to a stronger, more optimistic young Black American woman.
C. Chose the route that my parents didn’t get to and set off for college.

3. I always used to speak about living life to the fullest. Now instead of merely speaking and dreaming of it, I immerse myself in life. I simply go to wherever the living is.

4. I am pretty obsessed with thinking about my future. I guess I should live more so in “the now” before I miss something.

5. For one of the first times in my life, I can honestly say that I am proud for choosing to come to college. This is a land of opportunity. Since I’ve come (and it's only been for two weeks), I have grown more independent, more inquisitive, and more open. I haven’t experienced diversity, optimism or freedom the way I am while being at Binghamton.

6. I do want to grow up, have a career, and be independent. But, I don’t want to grow old and dismal with a potbelly or a neck that’ll lose elasticity and have me resemble a lizard.
I want to be a nurse and an artist. I dream to travel the world, be a mentor to children in my hometown, and live comfortably. I’d like to be powerful and humble. I want to be a cool adult; someone my children look up to.

7. I remember when, in middle school, people joked on me because I spoke “white”, while they spoke in broken English, wore green tights and sparkly shoes while they wore Rocawear sweat suits and Jordan sneakers and dreamed about becoming a food critique, while they didn’t dream at all. I almost got beat up for being “weird” but I didn’t conform to their lifestyle because not only did I have a small group of supportive friends, I knew that I shouldn’t change who I am for other people.

8. Sometimes, it's really hard for me to forgive people. Especially if it's a guy who cheated on me while we were dating. Sometimes I hold grudges, then I just forgive. I let go and let God. It's the only way to be healthy right?

9. I love my younger sister. She is one person who really inspires me, but I never told her this. We don’t argue nearly as much as we used to, but for the passed few years, there has been an underlying sense of discomfort in our relationship. I don’t want anything to be awkward between us, I just want to have my best friend before we completely drift apart.

10. I used to wish I could be an astronaut, a teacher, a dancer, a forensic psychologist, a singer on Broadway, and travel the world with inner city youth. But then reality hit and I just knew I’d only be able to choose one career because it was the status quo for many people, including my parents, to only have one job (which they were not at all passionate about). So for many months, I became depressed because I didn’t want to choose only one thing to do for the rest of my life. But as of now, I know I can have a main career that I LOVE and many jobs on the side that I’m also passionate about.
So yes, I still am a big dreamer.

Revised/ New Sentences

I used to let society tell me what to dream, tell me what I should aspire to be, and tell me how to live my life. But now I am more confident and I know that I am destined for more than the status quo.

For the past few years my sister and I have not been very close or sisterly, and I'd like to change our relationship before we both drift apart into our own worlds.

Forgiving people used to be a very arduous task for me to accomplish, especially when I knew they would take me for granted and commit the same act yet again. But now I've learned that once someone has hurt you, not only do you forgive and move on with your life, but you never give them the chance to hurt you again.