Cara London

Ten Seed Sentences

1.) As I have grown I have come to realize that every remark which is made has a twist of truth, but this has helped me to become a stronger person.
2.) For years a cynical quotation to my mother has been the underlying basis of my success “this too shall pass” was never solely just an inspiration, but now a way of life.
3.) When looking back on my mothers petty guilt trips I now see it was out of love because she was simply too attached.
4.) Because my father has worked so much I assumed he never knew me, because of college I hear the sadness in his voice and have come to find he knew me all along.
5.) When choosing friends I always choose the “safe” route because girls are girls, but because being screamed at for no reason so many times, I realize nothing is safe.
6.) When choosing a cell phone or a book, I secretly choose the book so I can have the secrets inside.
7.) Shabbas has always been a questionable approach for me, because I am in college I can finally have everything I want thanks to having friends just like me.
8.) Looking at my mother I now see her reasons for prejudice, but because I am my own person who wants to see the world, I want to be
9.) when choosing between Binghamton or a private school, i chose binghamton, because i will have a stronger education and meet new people.
10.) When choosing between UCONN and Binghamton i chose UCONN because i wanted the experience of being all alone with no one from my school to see if i can make it myself.

Three Seed Sentences Redone:
1.) To so many I am a short naive child who knows nothing about the world, but looks are deceiving and chances are I have had more experiences than you.
Once I was looked at as small and naive now, I have found respect, and gained it.
Although I am small, my experiences are tall.
2.) Once I was referred to as "the Jew," now I am not the minority, or majority, I am there.
Once my teachers asked uneducated questions about my background in an insulting manor, now there are no more questions.
For years I was a face in the crowd, too much about me was unique, now I am like everyone else.
3.)Once I was lonely at Binghamton, but I am finding friends.
First I was enthralled to be alone in a new place, then I was suddenly terrified and paranoid, now I truly like it.
Once I was a geeky little girl who could say nothing without being mocked, now I can reinvent myself, and the world is my playground.

1.) People have always looked at me as being really small, and not knowing anything. My friends who are only a year older sometimes act like a need to sit in a carriage and have someone read to me. But until I really start to tell them, they do not understand that usually I know more than they do. I have had more great and awkward experiences traveling, meeting people in the strangest of areas, and dealing with difficult extended family members.
2.) I have always been the minority in school, and it was fun for a while because it is something that makes me unique, and I love to be unique. What is the point of living if you cannot stand out a little? But after a while it starts to get…irritating? In the group of my older friends I was nick-named "The Jew," and although some of them were "Jewish" as well, they never took it as seriously as I did-and in reality named themselves atheists. Now I like to be part of the crowd, and no longer the minority.
3.) Usually-so far I have seen, many people who go to Binghamton do not go to get away from their classmates. Walking through the campus I see groups who went to high school together. But I did this all alone. There is only one other person in the past four years of my high school's history who has gone here. So at times, it can get…lonely to say the least. I love making new friends, and it is coming easier, but it is true you have to put yourself out there every moment of the day. But sometimes when I am tired, and the day has not been to easy- it would be nice to see a familiar face.