Carolyn Forney

Ten Seed Sentences

1.When I saw the fork in the road, I choose to continue my education in college.
2. Once I was unsure of the career I wanted to have. There were many different ideas I’ve had over the years, such as becoming a paleontologist, now I want to become a video game designer. I now know that it is ok to change what I want.
3. At times last year when I was taking hard classes I felt like giving up, but in my family my mother always had taught us not to give up even when the work is hard . I’ve tried to keep that philosophy my whole life, and not giving up really has helped me become a more well-rounded person.
4. While learning to scuba dive, I was afraid at times being under, and completely underwater, but I really wanted to see and explore the amazing things underneath the seas so I pressed through my own fear and learned to dive.
5. When I saw that fork in the road just ahead in my life, I choose not to act irresponsibly like my close friend, who no matter what I said, would not cease her drinking or drug use.
6. Once I thought to be a good student, all one had to do was complete the work, but now I know that you really need to think, and work hard in a class.
7. Even though I was raised as a Christian I know that I can believe what I want, and think what I want despite what my family wanted me to do, and that I am not limited to one kind of thinking.
8. I always did my schoolwork, and though I think I would have done so no matter what, if my mother hadn’t been so encouraging I don’t know if I would have cared so much about my schoolwork.
9. When I saw that fork ahead in my life, I choose to accept the fact that I would have to do work I was not good at in order to accomplish my goal of getting my computer science degree.
10. Once I thought that it would be easy to learn how to scuba dive, but then I realized all the danger and preparations you have to do in order to be safe, and now I understand the difficulty of something. cannot be determined with a glance.