Christopher Ertel

10 Seed Sentences

Once I lived based upon what others told me was right; now I think more for myself.

Once I was a Christian; now after seeing all the problems religion can cause, I am skeptical of it.

When I saw that fork in the road just ahead of my life, I chose Binghamton University instead of Geneseo because I wanted to have my own experience rather than following in the footsteps of my entire family.

Once I was distant with my sister; now, despite the fact that we live apart, we are closer than ever.

In the difficult search for what to do with my life after High School, I turned to the advice of my family.

Once I was more reclusive and lazy, now I am more social and active.

It was very difficult to find a job in my hometown and I only submitted a few applications, so I failed to get hired and earn money.

Once I understood little about politics; now that I've seen how much it effects the world, I have much interest in it.

During my Senior Year of High School, I focused less on my work and more on my friends, and as a result I socialized more and made several new friends.

3 Revised Sentences

Once I was distant and antagonistic with my sister; now that we live apart and we have both become more mature, I have learned to rely on her and our relationship is closer than ever.

In the past I was reclusive and unwilling to exit my comfort zone; now I am more outgoing and eager to try new things and have new experiences.

Once I understood little about politics and how the world is governed; now that I have seen how prominently these things impact so many people, I have garnered much interest in them.