Conor O Brien

10 Seed Sentences

Once I was a young girl convinced that success could only be measured by material things—Now I am a college student with an understanding that someone is successful only if he or she thinks they have achieved success.

When I saw that fork in the road just ahead in my life, I chose to continue playing soccer at a Division I level in order to challenge my dedication and commitment to the sport I have played since I was five.

As a result of growing up with a compulsive and obsessive personality, I was able to recognize the need for a balance in every aspect of life after struggling from one extreme to the next.

Once I was a serious level nine gymnast, focused purely on my individual improvement; Now I am a member of a team, dedicated to becoming a dependable player and teammate both on and off the soccer field.

As I experienced constant waves of homesickness throughout the first two weeks of preseason, I began to feel an overwhelming appreciation for my parents that I had failed to recognize during the last eighteen years of my life.

I used to live a restrictive lifestyle—limiting things such as the foods I ate to the people I was friends with; Now I have an overpowering desire to experience every opportunity that life has to offer.

Through our emotional high school years, my sister and I had always been distant. However, as she went off to college four hours away, we found out the hard way that distance in fact, does make the heart grow fonder.

Up until after my two week trip to Europe, I was completely unaware of the diversity of the world and all of its cultural offerings as a result of living in a sheltered suburb for seventeen years.

As a freshman in high school, I had a deep desire to “fit-in” anywhere I could; Now I am an individual because I have recognized my power in choosing what I believe in, who I allow to influence me, and what I want out of life.

Once I was fearful about feeling “alone” in life; Now I am a college student who has developed confidence in forming fulfilling relationships that will provide comfort and security throughout my years of living.