David Lui

Ten Seed Sentences

  1. When I was faced with a dilemma between my extra-curricular activities and how there was a time conflict in my schedule, I chose to join the Science Olympiad instead of remaining on my school’s handball team.
  2. Looking back to my early childhood days, I recall being an unorganized child without a care for the world. As the years went by, I’ve developed into a much more mature individual with a huge passion for taking care of my planet and respecting the people in the environment.
  3. Losing my very first chess game in a Chess-In-The-Schools tournament in Brooklyn not only made me a better chess player but also made me realize that losing is not always a bad thing in life.
  4. It came to my attention that the world today is filled with endless possibilities where creativity, imagination, and originality sparks the next generation. I plan on adding a whole new perspective to the world by answering the age old question: Why see the cup as half-full or half-empty when we can just make a smaller cup that is entirely full?
  5. Math has changed my whole perspective and outlook on life as it made me realize that there is always more than one solution to a problem with many clever and interesting ways to obtain the same one answer.
  6. Growing up is one of the hardest parts in life since we have to move on and let go of our parent’s loving and caring arms and step into the real world in order to try and become a successful individual. Not forgetting the lifelong lessons and the rights and wrongs our parents repeatedly told us, we ourselves should thank them from the bottom of our hearts for making us the person we are today.
  7. Everyone has their own individual opinions just like how everyone has a unique set of eyes. We need to open our eyes and see the world with a brand new set of eyes will we then learn to not be prejudiced and biased and live in a world free of stereotypes.
  8. In order to love someone else, you must learn to love yourself. In order to love yourself, you must learn to respect yourself. In order to respect yourself, you must learn to respect others. Completing this process will make one realize that everything and everyone has beauty. The only problem is that not everyone sees that.
  9. It’s hard to fit in and become part of the majority group. It’s best to be yourself and stand up for what you believe is right even if that makes you a minority. We just have to remember that somewhere else in the world, there is exactly someone else who feels the same way and is in an identical position.
  10. A determined, hardworking, and optimistic person, my mom had overcome so many obstacles and hardships in life and she taught me what was right and what was wrong, sacrificing so much just to satisfy me. I realized that I take her for granted and for that, I wish I was even half the person she was which is why I strive every day to be more like her.