Dillon Scaduto

Ten seed sentences

• When I examine my past I am glad I was able to make friends with people who helped me succeed
• When I was forced to choose between love and education I regret the choice I made
• I was once naive about the strength and effects of love but now I see how movie it can be
• At the age of eight I was told I had a condition that I would have for the rest of my life. This news allowed me to see the world through a different perspective.
• Looking back on how poorly I treated my brothers I regret not being closer with them.
• In my upcoming years I will face with the decision to go the destructive path or the path to stay healthy.
• I remember being an emotionless robot when I was younger, but now I have experienced a range of various emotions and I know what it means to live.
• Recalling my athletic career, I am glad I worked as hard as I did to become the athlete I am today.
• In hindsight my athletic endeavors have shaped the way I socialize, and make new friends.
• When I had to choose between a lonely lifestyle, and lifestyle filled with friends I choose to be proactive and go out of my comfort zone

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