10 Seed Sentences

1) When having to choose between a salad or french fries, I choose salad because it's colorful, tasteful, and much more delicious than french fries.
2) Once I was scared of heights, now I love being an airplane.
3) When I had to choose between attending college last fall or traveling abroad, I chose traveling abroad because it provides a learning experience that can not be learned in a classroom.
4) When I was deciding what school to attend, I turned to my family because they know me well and know what's best for me
5) When I get into an argument with my parents and wish they never existed, I remember all the efforts and sacrifices they have done for me and picture how hard my life would have been without them.
6) Once I longed to live a city life, now I wish life was as simple and peaceful as in my village community.
7) When having to choose between going back home (Guatemala) to get an education or stay here in the US, I decided to stay because opportunities and options here are endless.
8) When having to choose between Spanish and Italian, I chose Italian because I am a fluent Spanish-speak and want to learn a different language.
9) When being conflicted between saying the truth or lying, I remember the family values I have been taught and honesty is the first to come to mind.
10) I used to dread darkness, now I find it to be the best moment to reflect on things.