Gabby Preziose

10 Seed Sentences

1. When I was finally on my own, I had to choose between my love for the city or a better college in upstate, which would better my future.
2. I once had a nonchalant attitude in my academic commitments but then I got a job and back on track in order to change the opportunities for myself in the future.
3. Once my family was very comfortable until my mom became a single mother, I realized to never settle for whats comfortable because tables can always turn.
4. When having to choose between my reckless friends or my education, I decided to try harder in school and hang out with them less and avoid what they entailed.
5. When having to choose between my ex who I loved between a new boy I just met, I chose the new boy because I knew he was loyal and eventually I’d be happier with him.
6. When my mom became a single mom, I had to choose between taking on a parent or child role, I chose the parent role and have helped raise my two brothers ever since.
7. Having to choose between walking or taking the elevator everyday, I only take the stairs because after the trouble I know I’ll feel more energized and healthy.
8. When choosing between going to college away from my family and boyfriend or staying close, I chose to leave because the farther college had more to offer me in the future.
9. When asked if I would rather stay in Jersey or move to Florida I chose to stay in Jersey because I could never see myself finding friends as amazing as mine were.
10. When I found out my roommates didn’t smoke I told them I would quit for them because I love them already and because I should start worrying more about the future and my health.

3 Rewritten

1. When I saw my life going downhill, I realized it was time to better my education and leave behind my reckless friends.
2. I helped raise my two younger brothers when my mom became widowed instead of taking the child role and having her care for me on top of them.
3. I almost followed my dream of working in New York City but decided to get an education before so I could have something to fall back on.