Gene DeMaio

Ten Seed Sentences

1) When I was choosing colleges I saw that my parents did not have the money t spend on a private university, so I chose to attend Binghamton over Syracuse so I would not have to take out a loan.
2) At one time I based my political opinions off of those of my father. After various personal experiences, I now see the political world through a unique point of view.
3) Looking back I have made many decisions that I am not proud of, however those decisions were vital in shaping me into the person I am today.
4) Once I was a boy who was afraid to leave the comfort of the familiar, now I am a man who thrives on testing the unknown.
5) I once believed that the teachings and stories of the Bible were one hundred percent true, now I have learned that it is solely a reference book on how to live a moral life.
6) As I laid in pain on the beach while learning how to scuba dive, I turned to the words of my football coach, “Pain is Temporary, pride is forever,” and I persevered onward.
7) When I saw the fork in the road I chose to pursue a summer job at a local boy scout camp rather than relax before college like many of my friend had done.
8) Looking back, my decision to attend a high school that where I didn’t know anyone has helped me become more open to the outside world.
9) Because of my Catholic school upbringing I turn to my religion in almost any dilemma.
10) When I have seen the fork in the road between preserving through problems and taking the easy road out, I am proud to say that I have chosen to persevere more often than not.