Gold Group


Dillon Scaduto

Naim Ahmed

Zeruo Tang

Dillon - The Growing Gulf Between the Rich and the Rest of Us

Zeruo - Confronting Inequality

- Family Guy and Freud

Naim - Fat as a Feminist Issue

Group reading - Inequality and the American Dream

For 10/8:

  • Find specific, useable examples of how rhetorical strategies (ethos, pathos, and logos) are used in the work
  • Identify/break up the structure of the essay
  • Identify the main key claim the piece makes

For 10/11:

  • Work on part of analysis assigned to you specifically (TBA on Friday), focus on how it relates to work as whole
  • "Zero draft" of your part, specifically regarding the rhetorical strategies. Can be a few paragraphs or a chart/outline, but make sure to i.d. the rhetorical devices in your piece and relate to the rest of the essay.

Potential Meeting Date: Tuesday (time, etc. TBA)


*NOTE- We will have to make a worksheet for the class, keep all of your notes.
*NOTE- Rhetorical devices <>

Rhetorical analysis of Inequality and the American Dream:
First paragraph -
Second paragraph- Naim
Segway from second to third- Zeruo
Third paragraph- Dillon

Second Section - a Global argument
and Zeruo

Third Section- A Ladder…
Naim and Dillon

Look for Rhetorical devices, why they are there, and relate everything back to our claim and authors claim.


A long ladder is fine but it must have rungs
• Insults people who put down American capitalism
• says statists are “besides the point” avoiding the actual facts
• Says “any system which the spoils are distributed so unevenly is morally wrong, they say”
• states their stance, they disagree with the above statement
• inequality is only acceptable if:
o society is getting richer
o safety net for poor
o everyone has an opportunity
• Second paragraph has a different tone, not as hopeful or idealistic.
• Quickly says America may not be hat it seems for most people especially immigrants, no opportunities
• Uses logos(stats) to say some European countries have a more economically mobile society than America
• Fear of American education system, poor children aren’t given opportunities because of the dismal schools they are in
• Again uses logos and data referring to the 3% of college students are from poor towns
• Uses logos because of the change in tone. Hopefulness gets people excited but then America is put down and is may insult American readers or intrigue them
• Uses an aggressive tone to possibly instigate makes the piece memorable and stand out
• Third paragraph discusses how the country is corrupt and people are unfairly treating themselves instead of helping the lower classes
• Puts down bush and his poor dissections tries to instigate Americans.


Some studies have shown that it is easier for poorer children to rise through society in many European countries than in America.

Only three percent of students at top colleges come from the poorest quarters of the population.

Backdated share options and reserved places at universities for the offspring of alumni.

Rhetorical devices

Antithesis- disagrees then agrees in the first paragraph

Antanagoge (placing a good point or benefit next to a fault criticism, or problem in order to reduce the impact or significance of the negative point)- transition from first paragraph into the second

Pleonasm (using more words than required to express an idea; being redundant. Normally a vice, it is done on purpose on rare occasions for emphasis)- first paragraph: “dynamic, fast-growing economy”

Hyperbole- calls certain schools dismal in the second paragraph.