Jason Han

Ten Seed Sentences

Rebelling against the norm was the way I thought about current issues and this separated me from most of society.

Once I was a person not interested in music; now I have a strong affinity for metal.

When two friends had a relationship problem, I decided to be an active player instead of a bystander to defuse the situation.

Looking back to the time when a marine gave me advice about looking at current events, I believed it paid off and shaped my beliefs on current issues.

Facing the question of what major to pick, I chose computer science instead of biology because I wanted to learn something I am not 100% familiar with.

Looking back on the last four years, I think my attending concerts and extracurriculars saved me from becoming a complete bookworm.

Once I was an anarchist; now I am more rational when it comes to my political views.

Choosing to quit smoking helped me get away from a powerful addiction and saved money I would have otherwise wasted.

In the college essay writing period, I used caution to pick a topic in order to avoid controversial issues that would have lessened my chances for admission.

Being a technological ascetic to a degree instead of a tech addict saved me from becoming a victim of technology's dark side.