Joyce Mbiziwo Tiapo

Ten Seed Sentences

1. Once I dreamed of being an artist, now I dream of saving lives while sharing my love of art.

2. Down to Binghamton University or NYU, I chose Binghamton University because experience has taught me the big city is not for me.

3. Looking back, I realize my inability to be patient or develop close relationships can be attributed to my family’s inability to stay in one place.

4. I once was a follower, lacking a mind of my own, but now I make my own decisions.

5. I once was an athlete, always exercising, but now I’m a student, ready to learn.

6. When I look back, I realize the choice to be studious was not a conscious decision, but rather one forced upon me.

7. When presented with the option of an electric or acoustic guitar, I chose electric, because it was more versatile and matched my personality.

8. When I saw that fork in the road just ahead in my life, I chose to listen to my parents and focus on pursuing a solid career, rather than my risky dreams.

9. Looking back, as I moved from country to country and state to state, my groups of friends changed as I started to find myself.

10. I used to take life for granted, until an age mate passed away, throwing me a reality check.