Joyce Ofori

Ten Seed Sentences

1. Once I was a little who believed what everyone said; now I am a young woman who questions.
2. I walk down the sidewalk and cut through the library because it saves me five minutes and I make it to class on time.
3. I chose liberal arts instead of medicine because I want to be a well-rounded student.
4. When deciding which classes to keep or drop, I think of which will be more helpful in the near future.
5. Once I bite my nails when I was nervous; now I go running or watch TV.
6. Choosing between corridor and suite style, I chose corridor style because I wanted to meet more people.
7. When asked to choose what country I would like to study in, I choose the U.S. and it has given me a better education.
8. Having to choose between a brownie and an apple, I chose a brownie because it is delicious and a desert once in a while never hurt anyone.
9. I used to shower at night, now I shower in the morning because it is more refreshing and it is a great way to start the day.
10. Choosing between texting or calling, I chose texting because it is a faster and more convenient way to communicate.