Liam Vermazen

Ten Seed sentences

1) At one time in my life I hated hard training and practice now I see the values of discipline it taught me.
2) When I used to practice for rowing in high school I hated the use of the indoor rowing machines because of their meticulousness and difficulty, now when looking back on these practices I see it has to be more focused in the face of difficult or meticulous tasks.
3) A few years ago when I first began to use a long board skate board I crashed and hurt myself. At the time I believed I crashed because of my lack of skill but looking back on it now I can see that it was really my fear of crashing that in fact caused the crash in the first place.
4) On the first Sunday at Binghamton I thought it would be a neat idea to walk back to campus from Wal-Mart, after an hour of walking in the blistering sun and scorching heat I learned a valuable lesson in acting on impulse.
5) When I was being encroached by the deadline to finish the paperwork for my Eagle Scout rank my determination to succeed drove me to complete everything before it was too late
6) When I was in elementary school my class used to pick on me for various reasons, in present day many of those who treated me poorly now are widely disliked and have few friends, this has taught me that when dealing with people what you put into a relationship is what you get.
7) When I was in high school I did better in higher level courses (AP, Honors) and got higher grades despite the higher difficulty. From this I have come to find that often I work best when challenged.
8) My house used to be in a dilapidated state. Through hours of hard effort my family and I were able to renovate it into a far nicer condition.
9) I like every other person in the world who’s had a cell phone has lost mine countless times. I search everywhere in the world for it with little to no luck. After the fruitless search I give up and sit down only to face the frustrating revelation it was in my pocket the whole time. Sometimes if we take a moment to stop thinking about the question we can finally reach the answer.
10) While choosing schools i was faced with the decision to choose between Stony Brook and Binghamton each with similar educational standards, at first i was originally leaning towards stony brook over Binghamton until i found Binghaton to be a far nicer school in person. From this I learned that while some things look good on paper they may not be as great as the seem in person.