Maria Turrigiano

Ten seed sentences

1. Sitting in the waiting room waiting for the test results to see if my Dad had cancer seemed like the longest wait of my life.

2. Watching someone you love become so sick is one of the hardest thing someone could ever go through.

3. The roles changed when I started taking care of my Dad instead of him taking care of me.

4. My parents got divorced when I was eight but put everything behind them when my Dad became sick because he wanted to die around his family.

5. At first I didn't want him in the same house as me because I knew that I would first hand the struggles and sickness that comes with lung cancer.

6. Hearing the news that my Dad not only had lung cancer, but that it had already spread to his bones, liver, and brain broke my heart all over again.

7. My Dad was my biggest fan he never missed anything I did from sporting events to school concerts he was always there for me.

8. My greatest childhood memories involve my Dad telling me stories of his childhood and just laughing with him about nothing.

9. Divorce changed the way my parents treated me and how I treated them.

10. One of my Dad's last wishes was that I go to college and become a successful and happy person.