Maricruz Orozco

Ten Seed Sentences

1. Once I was naive; now I am aware of my surroundings and informed about the real world.

2. When I had an argument with a family member I realize that no matter what happens between us we will always be there for each other.

3. Once I was afraid to take risks; now I am willing to take them all and confront any consequences.

4. Once I was reclusive; now I am open minded.

5. When I saw that I had to chose between staying in the city or going away to college I choose to go away because I thought it was a good way to become independent.

6. I used to think that your friends and family would never betray you but certain situations made realize that sometimes they are the people who hurt you the most.

7.Once I was the top the student of my class; now I am just an average student among others.

8. When I saw that fork in the road just ahead in my life, I choose to accept my reality rather than keep living in the past because I realized that life goes on and that I must make the best out of my life.

9. I used to think that distance breaks friendships but going away to college makes me realize that it makes them stronger and that true friendships are hard to loose.

10. Once I was pessimistic; now I am a positive person and willing to conquer all the obstacles that stand in my way.