Matt D Ambrosi

10 Seed Sentences

1. When I had to decide whether to join my brothers band or stay in the one I was already in, I chose my brothers because I knew I would enjoy my time with him more.

2. Once i used to be interested in only having fun in school and in life; Now I've become more hard working because i know that's what it takes to be successful.

3. When choosing whether to stay home or go away to college, I decided to go away in order in have a new experience.

4. Once i focused on playing sports; now I focus on music because I am better at it.

5. Once I played trumpet; now I play the bass guitar because I enjoy it more.

6. When going to eat in the dining hall, I chose a salad over chicken fingers because eating healthy is an important thing to do.

7. Once I found writing these sentences difficult; now they come flying out of my head.

8. When choosing to have a random roommate, or to dorm with my friend, i chose my friend because its good to have some familiarity in a completely new environment.

9. When choosing to come to Binghamton or to go to a private school, I chose Bing, because it was half as much money for a similar quality of education.

10. Once I knew good grades would come to me with very little work; now I know working hard is the only way to get the best out of myself