Michele Fong

1. When I had to choose between an unpaid internship, and a paid job,I chose the unpaid internship, not because it was more glamorous, but instead, because it would be a more enriching experience.

2. When I didn't achieve everything I knew I could, I realized I had to actively pursue my dreams.

3. When decided what to eat for dinner, I always pick something healthy.

4. When I have to make a difficult decision, I always evaluate my choices logically instead of panicking and behaving rashly.

5.Once I was preoccupied with getting good grades, now I am only concerned with performing to the best of my ability.

6. Previously I was naive, I believed everyone had good intention; however, I have since realized that I can rely only on myself to look out for my own interests.

7. Once I was unaware of the consequences of my actions; now, aware of consequences, I am able to avoid bad decisions.

8. When choosing between green tea and coffee, I choose green tea because it contains antioxidants, making it a healthier choice.

9. When Choosing an outfit, instead of choosing the prettiest outfit, I choose the most comfortable.

10. Once I did not stay properly hydrated, instead I relied on coffee and energy drinks, now, after realizing that water is the best form of hydration, I try to drink at least eight cups a day.