Mustafa Osturk

10 Seed Sentences

Before I changed my style of music, I was a much more stressed and uncomfortable person.

When presented with a choice between academics and music, I chose academics.

At one point, I saw that I had to work harder to succeed, so I changed my group of friends and my outlook on life.

I used to read a lot of books, but now I hardly have the time.

When my friends got in a lot of trouble, I stopped affiliating myself with them.

I used to always worry about dates and deadlines, but now I am more relaxed.

Before, I didn't do much homework at all, but now I have realized how important practice and responsibility are.

Before, I was very bad with grammar, but now I correct people all the time because it is funny.

I used to eat more than I should, but now I limit myself because I don't want to be fat.

In the past, I always chose love over money, but not anymore because money can buy me love!