Naim Ahmed

Ten Seed Sentences

1. I once believed that punishment was the best teacher. When people are condemned for their mistakes they will try their best not to repeat them. I know see that reward provides a greater incentive to learn.

2. When I lived in New York City I thought I was exposed to all the cultures of the world. Diversity was at my fingertips and I thought that everyone held a strong representation of their culture. I now know that not all of the world's cultures can be cluttered into one metropolis, that to truly experience another culture I must live and breathe that culture.

3. Once I believed in writing very little and not caring at all about what my words meant; now I see that to write well I must write more and care about the type of diction I use.

4. Before I believed that I could produce my best work last minute; now I see that taking my time to polish up my writing will produce my best work.

5. When I was forced with the decision of choosing a university, I choose to come to Binghamton than a private university, so that when I graduate I will be in less debt.

6. When I was given the task to write a twenty page essay I did not let my objective overwhelm me. I wrote one page at a time over the course of twenty days to complete my work. I broke down a huge obstacle into smaller, more maneuverable pieces.

7. Once I used to always be with my friends and hangout; now I try to stay with my family as much as I can because they are the most important people to me.

8. When I saw the fork in the road just ahead in my life, I chose to move out of the city to go to college, I wanted to see what the rest of the country had to offer me and how I could learn from my experience.

9. Once I believed that poverty was assigned to a particular creed or class; now I see that the face of poverty is ambiguous.

10. Living in New York City for 18 years gave me and educated yet distorted view of America. I thought diversity was evident all over the United States. After traveling through upstate New York and arriving to college I realize that diversity isn't always easy to find.