Nickolas D Annunzio

10 seed sentences

Everyone learns that the world isn’t as bright eyed and bushy tailed as we believe it to be, things happen and we move away from naive views and join what the real world looks like.

Flipping between art and going into something else that will allow me to make money, I choose the arts due to the fact that once work enjoyable you never have to “work” a day in your life.

Im stuck in an old fashioned big family in a modern small family world

Once there was order, Helen left and now all there is, is chaos.

My decision of Binghamton over Boston University stemmed from the my ideal college experience, all my life, I feel as if I shown that college life is on a campus not with in a big city.

I know that everything I did was influenced by one thing or another, every time you turn the corner something is there is there to pull you one way or another.

The things I have done has always been with what my parents would think in the back of my mind but did this make me a better person?

The true worth of living, I found when I was talking her out of ending her life.

In retrospect of my life the thing that shaped me for the better was going through the motions and achieving my Eagle Scout rank.

My entire life i have been controlled , I have always been what told what to do I truly wonder what would me life be like if i was never told to do anything and did what I wanted.