Orange Group

Contact Information:
Liam Vermazen: ude.notmahgnib|1ZAMREVL#ude.notmahgnib|1ZAMREVL, (845) 570-1591
Brian Clayton: ude.notmahgnib|1otyalcb#ude.notmahgnib|1otyalcb, (518) 428-8045
David Lui: ude.notmahgnib|1iuld#ude.notmahgnib|1iuld, (347) 925-8086
Conor O'Brien: ude.notmahgnib|2neirboc#ude.notmahgnib|2neirboc, (518) 641-2127

Chapter 15 Articles:

Liam: The Truth About Wages
Brian: The Growing Gulf Between the Rich and the Rest of Us
David: Inequality and the American Dream
Conor: Progressive Wal-Mart. Really.

Individual Essay:
David Lui - Can You Hear Me Now? : Sherry Turkle

Conor O'Brien- Fat as a Feminist Issue: Susie Orbach

Brian Clayton - "What's Wrong With Kids Today?" by Sebastian Malloby

Liam Vermazen - "Being Fat Is Ok" by Paul Campos

Group Presentation Article:
Progressive Wal-Mart. Really; Sebastian Mallaby (Page 356)

Group Claim: Through discounts that save consumers $50 billion a year, a $200 billion annual poverty relief budget, and desirable job opportunities, Walmart is a "progressive success story" that more than generously compensates for any negative aspect that the mega chain brings to the economy.

Presentation Structure:
-A clear claim that identifies the author's rhetorical approach & explains significance of approach
-Accurate, clear paraphrase of author's claim
-Opening statement that makes the claim and the organization of the piece clear
-A description of the dispute that the author is engaged in, the audience involved, and the context for the dispute

Body Paragraphs:
-Presentation not only identifies the strategies - explain why these strategies suit the argument/time/audience
-A thorough explanation of the question at issue and the author's position
-Clear connection present between group members' contributions
-Accurate use of the terms and concepts studied in class
-Data from the text which supports the claim

-A clear ending

-Each member in the group has a substantive role to play
-Appropriate language used consistently throughout
-The group demonstrates knowledge of each other's part and the dispute as a whole
-Presentation works within the assigned time limit

Meeting For Weekend: (10/09/2010) @ CIW Library at 6:00 pm
- Work and Finish Introduction/Claim

Conor- Negative
Brian- Positive
David- Rhetorical Analysis; Ethos,logos, pathos.
Liam- Introduction (Gather thoughts, what exists, etc.- Organize how introduction should be)