Reza Hedayati

10 seed sentences

1. When it came time to choose between SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Binghamton, I chose Binghamton.

2. When going through hard times in life, i choose to flow through/with depression, rather than to fight it.

3. When my parents made me do something that i didn't want to do, such as piano lessons or saturday farsi school, I ended up truely hating it, and I still do.

4. When girls screw me over I usually try to be a better son,

5. When I was younger, I didn't care much about my family, I didn't care to be part of my family. But now I have slowly begun to realize the importance of family. They're always there for me no matter what i'm going through.

6. Once I became carefree, when i was a teenager, i started to let the world turn me. Some ways good, some ways bad, but using those inflences and eperiences i'm starting to build my self up again. Life goes in cycles, sometimes you should let go, sometimes you have to hold yourself together.

7. I used to believe in nothing but the "now", living a goalless life. But as realizing tht my choices would begin to truely affect my life becomes to seem as an exciting challenge.

8. Taking the time to make an effortless try is legitimately wasting time on this earth. When i come back from this break i truly need to focus on my studies as well as everything else.

9. Fooling around with women who I don't have a "thing" for is so shallow and bland. For this reason i find being intimate with a girlfriend is much more meaningful for me.

10. The thought of trying to make the best of yourself is truly difficult to apprehend. When are you ever actually doing your best?