Xander Edwards

Ten Seed Sentences

1. When I saw that fork in the road just ahead in my life, I chose to be an academic instead of a musician.
2. When I was looking at possible universities to attend I chose universities that would help me pursue my academic dreams rather than to become a musician.
3. Looking back at my life, I believe that I believe that I would not e who I am today it if were not for how supportive my parents have been toward my education.
4. Once I was opposed to using Macs; however, not that I own one I would never want to go back to Windows.
5. In middle school I always used pens in math class because as that I am left handed the graphite would get all over my hand; however, as the math became more complex I began using pencils so my work would be clearer.
6. As that I never went to church as a child, I was never exposed to religion, and it led to me being an atheist today.
7. As that I grew up in a town with very little diversity, when I was selecting a university to attend, I chose one with great diversity because I wanted a change in surroundings.
8. Before I went to China I always had an image of a polluted and overpopulated country, but now that I have been there I also have an image of its incredible natural beauty.
9. I use to judge food solely on its smell when I was little, but once I was brave enough to try foods that don't smell appetizing to me I found that many can be very tasty.
10. before I had a cell phone I found it very difficult to contact my friends and find times that we could hangout together, but now that I have one, I can communicate with them much more efficiently.