Zeruo Tang

10 Seed Sentences

1. Once I was certain that I was superior to my peers; now I am doubtful of my undeserved pride.
2. In my eyes, my parents were pillars of strength and symbols of perfection, but as I grew older, I began to see that even they were not infallible.
3. When I had to choose between buying that new video game and a Mother's Day gift, I chose to be a filial son instead of a selfish brat. It wasn't an easy choice for a 9 year old, but I made the right one nonetheless.
4. Faced with the dilemma of which college to attend, I remembered to take into consideration my parents' financial burden and made the prudent, if not frugal decision.
5. Once I was certain that becoming a lawyer was the best thing for me, but I later came to see that what my parents think is best for me may not always be what's really best for me.
6. I was trapped within the teachings of a religion that seemed more distant to me by the minute. It took the pragmatism of a close friend to help me see I needed to get out.
7. I felt miserable every time I thought about the reality of losing all my old friends with the impending move to New York. All it took was the kindness of new ones to make me forget about my sorrow.
8. Unsure of how to deal with peer pressure exerted by those around me, I stayed strong by remembering the ideals that my parents had imparted onto me.
9. It took every ounce of restraint in my body to keep me from starting a fight with a petulant classmate who insulted me. Practicality and prudence were qualities that finally held me back from a bout that would have inevitably led to suspension.
10. I was always selfish and inconsiderate, ever since I was a child. I cared for nobody and nobody cared for me. It all changed, however, when I met a person who, through her own compassion and kindness, demonstrated to me the importance of altruism.
11. I'm gay.